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Riverbank Academy has enchanted communities with its highly conducive and applicable life-changing programmes entitled “Empowering Underachievers”. Over the past 7 years this particular programme has been applauded and emotionally embraced by families that saw no hope in their children or siblings of theirs.

Young Malaysians who had no direction infect no clues as how their future would turn out ; now reflect happily and with deep pride their rooted stand as a progressive and contributing citizen. The blessing in this unprecedented Riverbank Academy effort was the coming together of academicians and professionals who were crusaders in helping the needy to meet the lives they eventually inspired for.

These lecturers and trainers often recall with pride and joy the chances that they have provided for the listless to stand and be counted

Riverbank Academy did not only stop in personal pursuits but partnered with the Malaysian government’s far reaching initiatives to equip the under employed young Malaysians to acquire new/upgrade of skills to give them new doors of prosperity to be opened. A list that become accountable through this success.