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What is whatyouwant.my request engine?

What is whatyouwant.my request engine?

Most of us must be familiar with the 300 over search engines in the world. These search engines provide users with suggestions on where to get information based on the user’s keywords. The search results may not always be accurate and the user has to browse through each suggestion until they get the information they need. This task is very tedious and time consuming.

 Test: Try searching for the very first word we ever spelt – “APPLE”. You will be amazed with the search results!

In today’s rapid developing environment, we require accurate and reliable information quickly, hence the development of Whatyouwant.my.

Whatyouwant.my is a search engine not a search engine. It is known as the world’s first request engine and the idea of this request engine is fully developed in Malaysia. Users can use this request engine from anywhere in the world for free and it is most useful for users who are looking to buy specific items. Whatyouwant.my also acts as a connecting platform, linking buyers and suppliers worldwide enabling every party to connect and undergo rapid business development simultaneously.

How does it work?

Very simple, just log on to Whatyouwant.my, submit your request and wait, everything is done within a single click. The information/quotation you require comes to you without the need to browse through unrelated information.

The mechanics of our request engine is quite simple. Once a user submits his/her request, our system picks up the tag words and matches them with our registered suppliers in our database. Our database contains more than 10,000 registered suppliers from all over the world and this number is increasing on a daily basis. The process of searching, accepting, connecting and getting quotations will be done by the system. You will only be contacted by our expert at the very end, meaning, once the best quotation is obtained from the supplier to finalize pricing and delivery method. This whole process take 72 hours from the time the request is submitted.

Our Whatyouwant.my team consists of experienced and knowledgeable members backed up by our outstanding supplier database from all walks of life. We are able to obtain goods or services tailored to our client’s needs speedily and effectively. We do well because we do business with a personal touch which can never be replaced by any computer program. We can confidently claim that through Whatyouwant.my, our clients receive value for their money and will be more than satisfied with our services.