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In a world dominated by big and branded stores, people are looking for more personalized service. Our suppliers will deliver professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable service, before, during, and after a purchase. Giving great service and finding solutions to meet our customers’ needs go a long way.

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How do I post my request and how quickly will I get a respond?

Your registration is very quick and simple. You can also choose to send a request without registering. We will ensure you will get a respond within 72 hours.

Why is it free and is this a catch?

Free online request is an opportunity to help small business to reach out and strive to build their market share, rather than just struggle. No there is no catch. It is completely free. We won’t charge you. We won’t sell on your details. You can stop using the service any time you like.

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Isn't it frustrating when you enter your details online and before you know it you're being bombarded by junk mail? We take the protection of your information very seriously. We only request information from you that we need to administer your account and provide you with the solution. None of the information you provide to us is passed on to any third parties.

What They Say

  • A million thanks to WYW for the creative idea on a request engine. Designer bags are something I doubted they would be able to get me but to my surprise I got a call from a young lady to confirm what i was looking for. After a 2 days got a call again from a seller telling me they had it and the price was as i requested. I met the seller in their shop and loved the quality of the product and when ahead with my purchase. Slick and perfect for my lifestyle.
  • Excellent and speedy service from whatyouwant.my. I was looking for a property and they linked me to a very courteous and helpful agent. Happy with the results and will surely use them again!
  • I been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness. I would go far as to say you set a benchmark in your customer support.

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